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  1. As a fellow engineer i understand reducing RF/EM interference is a complex subject with many different aspects to which circuit designers must consider. I['ve owned the older K2 amplifier and found it to be a bit bight, no doubt a result of modulator switching frequencies into the nearby delicate anlog signal. 1) Do the Crown switching power supplies use resonate mode (single frequency) type or the square wave type? How is RFI/EMI reduced? 2) How is the considerable RF and EMI being generated in the class D output stage be dealt with? Is their shielding? 3) How much does the miniaturization into one tiny DriveCore IC help to reduce contaimination? I write this because of the extensive Crown digital amplifier technology and this interference being the "number one enemy" to recreating the original analog sound reproduction (one that is uncontaminated and pleasant to listen to). I know there is excellent progress being made as I can listen to the best of church live sound systems today much longer than even a few years ago. I find it a bit incredulous that the most important aspect to achieving quality audio is never acknowledged or discussed. Do you too wish Tesla were here today?