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  1. I would say so ^^^ but it did remind me to come here and say that I used all of this new gear for our New Years show and it sounded awesome, I'm not sure I could have been happier with the performance of this equipment. Definately going to continue to use Crown gear in the future.
  2. Yes, y xlr cables is what I meant, that is what I'm going with. As far as why I bought what I did, I bought it used, and it's as good as anything I will ever need for the venues I play in. I don't need every single last bit of equipment I own to be top shelf to play in bars. This setup is nicer than 99% of what any other band around here plays with, so I'd just like to be able to use what I have and have it sound good. If you have recommendations I'd be happy to listen but as far as I'm concerned this setup seems to sound great compared to what I've been using. Thanks
  3. Looks like the answer is XLR splitters our from each board main out into the amps, one each side. Thanks for looking, have a nice day.
  4. I have been slowly aquiring more and more peices to add to my PA system and I have finally gotten to the point where I'm lost in how to proceed. Hoping to find someone to steer me the right direction before I go and blow something up. Here's what I have: 4 JBL JRX 125 Speakers (Mains) 4 Yamaha wedges (monitors) 1 Older Crown 800 Series Amp 2 Newer Crown 802 XLS Amps Behringer 24 Ch Board This is where I'm lost. I can easily get 2 of the JBLs running as Mains out of the board and one amp and all of the Yamahas running as monitors out of another. Sounds great and works good but I am missing something how to get the 3rd amp into the mix. I assume I could daisy chan the other 2 JBL's but I'd still not be getting the benefit of the other amp. So basically am I just missing another box in this setup or what? Maybe I am making this harder than it needs to be but I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks Brian