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  1. Macro-Tech i power Consumtion

    Anyone know the answer. The link is dead. Interested in knowing the answer but I think you could probably only plug 1, 5000i if any into a 20A Duplex at 120v. Pretty sure you couldn't run the 9000i or 12000i on a 20A circuit if you are using them to their capabilities.
  2. Amping for one SRX728

    Looking to get a 5000i for my pair of SRX728 but I'm worried about tripping a breaker. Usually I'm only using normal 20amp circuits I only use 30amp when I'm running a distro. My questions are: Would a 5000i be enough for the pair of SRX728 subs? And will it require using a 30amp circuit or could I use a 20amp circuit? On another note could I use the 5000i on a 20amp circuit if I'm only using 1 channel? Also I'm new to understanding 1/3rd Power Pink Noise which reads on the specifications of an amp.