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  1. I appreciate all the input I got in this forum but I could not get this equipment to work. I took it back to the store and got my money back.
  2. I am EQing on the mackie; cutting mids; highs and lows are both flat; using compression. The kick drum doesn't really cut thru unless the gain of the mic is at 2 o'clock and by then the meters on the mixer are solid amber with the mixer's faders at unity. With respect to the DRPA, I did not use it to boost the signal. I did try to manipulate the sub-harmonic synth but it had no audible effect. I finally skipped the balancing after several attempts. Since no presets exist for the EV tops, I substituted a preset from a JBL speaker that had similar freq resp and range. The auto-eq completes but how can I be sure I'm getting the most from it if I don't use the specs from my speakers / amps?
  3. Need help setting up PA. PA used primarily for micing drums and vocals. Goal is to get that "punch" from my kick drum but so far, I can't get it without clipping. Config : audix D6 mic, mackie profx22, 2 electro voice elx 115ps, JBL jrxsp118p, dbx driverack pa+. Confused about THRU / HPF switch on the JBL sub; the powered tops have switches for use with subs too. The driverack pa+ does not have the presets for my amps/speakers and will not complete the balancing function.
  4. Need help setting up PA for drum micing