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  1. Hello! Recently acquired the USB-x to network our Xti amps to Audio Architect. Every now and then, after power up, the USB-x is no longer visible on any Wi-fi device. The wireless indicator in the device is lit. A power cycle does not help. A manual reset of the device using the small pin hole makes it show up on all wifi devices again. Kindly advice. Regards, Sidhu
  2. HeyDakos! Very interesting thread going on at PSW. The device file for the preset is linked to the 2nd post in this thread and over at PSW also.,143157.0.html Thanks as always! Sidhu
  3. For those interested, the Device file. ITech amplification, 4K. Preset number 9. Thanks again!
  4. Hello! I have been hearing a lot of local reports of the HF driver with the 825 blowing themselves out even on moderate level operation. I always tend not to pay much heed to such reports. We were contracted to provide SR and engineering services for a small festival in the hills, and I really liked how the 825 sounded when i demoed them, so decided to spec the same for the festival. We don't have any 835's around, and I have an eye on them. The venue does not really more a pair in all, we sent in a pair a side, to be safe. I made presets for the ITech amplifiers, copied eq setting off the XTI, tansfer compared them with the HD presets, and it sounded great! To be cautious, I setup a system architect custom panel to monitor all inputs and outputs, and GR meters. the RMS and Peak limiters are set to 1/3 of continuous power, and 3/4th of program power respectively. My partner is now in the hills engineering, last night, midway, he was very impressed with te rig. Loud and hi-fi, without him hitting a single clip or getting the GR into action. However, During the last act, he reports one HF driver has gone down. As of midway today, 2nd and last day, he has lost two more HF drivers, and is now happily running the show of just 1 HF, loud enough to cover the small area. He hopefully will manage though the last act. We have taken some 712's off monitor duty as an SOS. System : 4 x STX825 2 x ITech 4000 4 x SRX728 2 x ITech 6000 Any ideas ? Thank you for the time. Regards, Sidhu
  5. Yes, The X32 is a surprisingly capable mixer, and if we go with the 2 x HD12K's, instead of 4x MAi's, we have sorted our DSP problem also. So it would start looking like this : 1. 4 x STX835. 2400w Programme per box. 2. 4 x STX828. 4000w programme per box. 3. 2 x IT12K HD. Each channel driving 3750watts into 2ohms. Not ideal, but should get the job done atleast to Xti6K levels ? With a future upgrade to add 2 x IT5000 or 9000 HD amps for the 835 boxes. Avi, thank you, as always! Sidhu
  6. Hey Avi! My Bad. We are looking at a total of 8 boxes. 4 x 835 and 4x828. Now, possible, for a start. To run these boxes at 2ohms, using the IT12K HD. And then at a later date get a couple if IT5/9K for the tops. Then running the whole rig at 4ohms. Ill be happy giving these boxes programme power over Peak power. Thanks as always. Sidhu
  7. Hey Avi, 2nd hand gear is an option, but very avoidable. China is next door, and most 725's aren't really 725's anymore. However, used DR260's could probably be found. Im not very sure of the 260 sound. It is a very dated product. My immediate alternative. The X32 mixer has filters available on all its Matrices that go up LR24db slopes. So that is an intermediate solution. Then I would like to essentially have something which JBL develops presets for. And currently there is no standalone DSP unit they are doing that for. Only Xti's and the IT HD's. The Xti's are not powerful enough, and the HD's quite expensive. Still, my impression is that the presets are essentially eq curves, as the boxes run passive. And should not be hard to replicate. If I manage to get a system voicing sounding similar to the v4 presets developed for the STX range, then I will run this rig and do an AB comparison using analog crossovers and outboard eq vs. Itech HD with the presets. Im very surprised that you consider the SRX to be sonically close to the STX. That is not what I heard. I did a STX825 vs. SRX725, and the difference was quite a bit. Granted, was running the JBL preset through an IT HD driving the STX, the SRX was running without any DSP. I think ill hold out the DSP purchase for a bit. JBL is the dominant brand around here, where D&B making strides into the upperend. Everybody has some SRX boxes. But we are so tired of the lack of consistency with the JBL boxes of the same type (not JBL's fault), that we have now decided to go get our own. The IT Hd amps are way more expensive than the MA series + a BSS Omni/minidrive combo. And since we are looking at a total of 4 boxes, with 2 MA5K and 2 MA9K's, we still only need to get 1 x 366 or the DR4800. None we can afford right now. Thanks as always. Ill keep you posted. Regards, Sidhu
  8. Hey Avi! As always, thanks a ton! Im in India! But thank you so much for the offer!. We would prolly go the MAi route only, but we have not decided on DSP. Mostly cause we ar already broke then. Also, I like running subs off an aux, so that would mean a 3 input channel DSP/2 x dual input channel DSP's/ Or, I might well consider going totally analog with a dbx223XS. And use outboard or board EQ for system voicing. Sidhu
  9. Hello again! We are almost certain of investing in an STX rig. Currently looking at. STX825 or the STX835 Powered with either the MA5000i or the Xti6002. STX828 Powered using either the MA9000i or Xti6K bridged. First, are these amps appropriate? We already use the Xti2002 in Bridged mode with an MRX528, and find that it clips before reaching the -10db mark. Current limiting I would presume. Second, we find ourselves in a situation where the presets (which I like) for the STX series are only available for the Xti, or the ITech Hd (which we cannot afford). Also considering using the Xti for the tops and the MA9000i for the subs, but then that would need us to use something to align the speakers cause of the latency, and a DSP for the subs ? Kindly advise on the best way to go about this without having to invest in the ITech Hd. Thanks and regards, Sidhu STX825/835 ratings. 1200/2400/4800 STX828 ratings. 2000/4000/8000
  10. Hello! Almost all DSp setting I have seen for the SRX728/725 deploy the LR48 filters. However, the presets available for the XTi2 series of amps, deploy the BW filter. What difference would there be ? Regards, Sidhu
  11. Hey Dake! No, I have not gone online with the amps so far. I know that the venue will self populate itself when it sees new amps online, what I wanted to know how not to do this but assign the racks already created to the amps discovered. Tx a ton again! Sidhu
  12. Hello! Im a little unclear bout how to go about this. Made a venue offline. Simple. 4 racks. Each with 2 x IT4K 2 x IT6K These amps will drive 16boxes of the Vertec 4888's. When online and the amps are discovered, how do I associate them with the racks I created offline ? Tx a ton! Sidhu
  13. Hello! JBL presets for the XTi 2 come labeled with the an 'xti' extension. Bandmanager/system architect refuse to load these onto an xti2 device. Relabeling them as *.xti2 works. Regards, Sidhu
  14. Tx a ton Avi! You have been of great help! Sidhu