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  1. IQ PIP 2000

    Anybody know where I can find documentation for one of these? Thanks Al
  2. IQ PIP 2000

    Thanks! I'll keep an eye on that post. Al
  3. IQ PIP 2000

    The tech support staff referred me to the "Discontinued IQ Network Products" page and I didn't see it there. I then called Harmon in Elkhart and they had nothing. Al
  4. CT 400SD

    Hey all, I'm looking at this Com-Tech 400SD. Can anyone tell me what the "SD" designation means? I have not been able to find any information about this model. Thanks, Al
  5. CT 400SD

    I read this again and realized you were asking "how did you get the picture in the post?" not where'd you get the pic. Here's how. Below the reply box click on the "More Reply Options" button, You should see a thing like this.Click on the green button and enter the URL of the pic in the space provided, click OK and your pic will be in your post!
  6. CT 400SD

    This amp was listed on eBay. I did not end up buying it. Thanks for the info. Al
  7. Hi all, Anybody know where I can get a couple PIP cards reasonable? I don't need anything fancy just something to give me inputs. Crown owner since 1972! Al UPDATE I bought 2 from a vendor on eBay for a decent price. Thanks for the opportunity to get my request out there!