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  1. Thank you so much Avi. Very much appreciated!
  2. Thanks Dakos, really appreciate the help. Don't set these up very often, would you happen to know the easiest way to put the CDi in Subwoofer mode? Thanks, AD
  3. I recently bought the following for my outdoor patio area: 1 CDi1000 amp 1 Elan D6 1 JBL Control SB-210 Passive Outdoor Subwoofer 4 Paradigm Stylus speakers 1 HSU High Pass Filter I have Sonos as my source. I would like to use the Elan to play the mid and high frequency sounds on the Paradigm speakers and use the Crown CDi1000 to play the low frequencies on the subwoofer. What is the best way to set this up? Do I connect the sonos output to the crown first for the subwoofer sound and then use the output of the crown amp to send the signal over to the Elan and use the High/Pass filter before it comes into the Elan to ensure only mid to high are played? How do I set a channel on the Crown CDi1000 to play actively plan only the low frequencie on the sub? Your help is greatly appreciated. Al