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    Thanks Dakos, will go ahead and make the changes, I just wasn't sure if its a step needed although the amp was switched to bridge mode already. Thanks again for your quick reply.
  2. Hi guys hope am in the right place, i would like to know is, how to connect my subs when using BRIDGE MONO or BRIDGE SUB'S preset on my xti 2000 i'm not sure if i still need to connect my speaker cable to the 2 positive terminals (red banana plugs) or conf. my speakon cable to the +1 +2 although i've set the amp to bridge mono or bridge subs amp - XTI 2000 speaker - B&C 18 TBW100 8 Ohms - 96dB SPL 1,500 Watts AES Standard 3,000 Watts Program 4 POLE SPEAKON CABLE