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  1. iTech limiter settings help

    Wow, than you so much for your replies and help at the Peavey forum! I feel like I'm a lot closer to understanding how to set the DSP. I play rock and country through the rig, loud club and outdoor situations.
  2. Hello everyone! This forum is extremely helpful but I'm having trouble finding some specifics for my set up. I have an 2x iTech 6000 and an XTi 1000 driving 2x Peavey QW218 and 2x QW4F with the tops being in biamp mode. I have the iTechs in stereo on subs and mids and the XTi in stereo on the tops. I'm happy with the settings with respect to crossover points and delays, etc., but have I don;t know how to set the limiters. I blew both subs and a horn, so I want to set the limiters to help keep that from happening again. I understand that this isn't a catch-all for clipped signals but I'd like to get as much protection as possible. The Peavey subs are rated at 1600/3200/6400 watts and the tops are 1200/2400/4800. Can anyone help me with the best settings for the peak voltage and RMS limiter settings? Thanks! -Mark