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  1. PZM-11 Instruction Sheet Needed

    This link should take you right to the info you are looking for,EN.html
  2. CTs multi channel amplifiers

    The CTs8200USPCN allows for one to connect analog signals to the amplifier as well, so that the amplifier can be used under TCP/IP Communication without using CobraNet as the audio transport.
  3. SA 1.5 Meters

    Howdy Albert- I talked with one of the tech's at your shop this week. While this is a cool idea, at the moment it isn't supported. However I have asked for it -=Brad
  4. Event IDs

    Howdy- I think that what you are looking for is under Object 16305. It contains the error strings for the devices. -=Brad
  5. ITECH and SA 1.30

    Hello- David asked me to take a look at this also. I am curious, are you running anything else, such as London Architect at the same time? Also is the firewall turned off or allowing System Architect through? Thanks.
  6. XTi-1000 Output Varying

    Hmmmmy first suggestion is to place a balancing transformer in there as it appears as if the signal is not balanced during the process and might not be referenced to ground properly.
  7. Crown k2

    When you say preamlifier, what are you trying to connect to it? A Crowm 28M would work well but so would a BSS Soundweb Blu-80. There are many options.

    System Architect v1.3 is the latest release and works hand in hand with the most recent firmware. Included in the download is the firmware update package. However if the amplifier is not showing as a Human Interface Device that is a little odd, the items need to be found first to establish communication.
  9. IQ Data

    The easiest way to reset the amplifier is to load in the newest firmware. Have you attempted that yet?
  10. i tech 4000

    This is my personal opinion, is it possible that you might have had condensation by bringing the amplifier in from the cold. perhaps let it warm up to room temperature first and then see what happens.
  11. crown 5000VZ

    I would recommend contacting Tech Support directly for this level of question.
  12. XTi-1000 Output Varying

    I am curious what connectors you are using to get into the XTi as these items you are describing are non balanced signals and the XTi is expecting a balanced signal.
  13. XTI2000 Idle Noise

    Is this noise occurring with inputs attached or disconnected. Also when you say the input attenuators are set to zero are they turned counter clockwise or clockwise.
  14. Help choosing an amp...

    The key to using a larger amplifier is to keep the level at the proper level for the system. So yes the XLS 602 will work however you need to make sure that you keep the level at the right level to match the system. The JBL SRX can take peaks of 1,000 Watts so you should be okay.
  15. system arch. & i qwic

    There are some differences in the way that System Architect communicates with the amplifiers compared to IQwic. Part of the differences is that as enhancements are made, they are implemented in System Architect. It is possible to get to the Band pass gain via a custom control page in IQwic. The displaying different values is also partially due to the variables being used for bandpass gain are displayed a little more clearly in System Architect. The actual performance will be the same.