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  1. Hi, my searches didn't find what I was looking for. Hopefully this is not a dog-eared topic... (newbe alert) I am using a Crown XLS1500 as the power amp for my bass stage rig. I don't need huge power, since I am typically just driving one 4ohm cabinet on stage and either the PA handles the rest or I am in a smaller club. Anyway, I am currently running in bridged mode, but that kind of power could really do a number on the speakers in a volume accident. Plus I can't garrantee that the real impedance doesn't drop below 4ohms at any point. I would really just like to run only one channel and let the other channel be completely disconnected. Is that OK? Some amps are ok with that and others are not. I could not find an answer for this particular unit. Is there any steps I can take to safely just run one channel? Thanks in advance, -grego