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  1. XLS 2000, Input Y Mode Issue

    Very interesting thing just happened: I was just playing my iPod thru my PA using the XLS 2000, and the problems I have previously described have disappeared.... I had channel 2's pot control all the way down (which until now still allowed sound through) and noticed that the channel wasn't making amplifying the signal all of a sudden. Turned the pot up, and voila, it is seemingly working properly. I'm still going to try and exchange it.
  2. XLS 2000, Input Y Mode Issue

    Thanks for replying. Yes it is under warranty. I bought it two week s ago.
  3. So I am running my new Crown XLS 2000 in Input Y mode, which if I understand correctly sends signal from channel 1 input to both channel outputs. So I am feeding my two 12" main speakers, which each handle 400W @ 8 ohms, and want to control the level of each speaker with its respective pot. The issue that I am having is that even though each channel pot is turned all the way down, channel 2 still sends signal to the speaker. Furthermore, the volume level on channel 2 doesn't change until the pot is turned about 1/4 of the way up. Is this normal? Thanks in advance