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  1. xti with jbl mrx 525

    ok i make the test. The limiter in my crown is set to -3db, only the led's -20db stay on, the -10db led flash sometime when i put the volum up, in my soundcraft the yellow led's dont past -6db i dont no if my red led work i never see her in 2 year. can you belive after this i broke my tweter again i think it to complicate for me and i think i'm return with peavey i never having problem with my fist kit in 10 year ???
  2. xti with jbl mrx 525

    in last 2 year ago i repair, 6 time, the twiter on my mrx525. I receve this message is it true? (Message); it seems you are under-powering the MRX525's. These are rated at 1600 watts per ch. @ 4-ohms and the XTi 2000 is only delivering 800 watts per channel. With a power amp providing at least the recommended minimum output level, you are far less likely to experience blown drivers. The Crown XTi 6000 would be the logical choice if you want to stick with the Crown XTi Series amps. Having headroom in the power amp will let you operate the system more efficiently and you should also hear improved overall sound quality.It's usually not the high level of power that destroys drivers, but the distortion from a low-powered amp.
  3. i whant to know what crown model i need for jbl mrx 525 and if my xti2000 is underpowered for 2 like this