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  1. XTi Firware download

    That's no good if you have an XTi produced before September 2006! You have to update firmware of older models before they will be recognised by System Architect or Band Manager. The link to the firmware and installer to do this seems to have disappeared from everywhere but this forum!
  2. Firmware updates for older XTi amps

    Saw this too late but I'd just like to say I successfully updated to using the .hex and then to using the .s files from a Win7 machine.
  3. Oh I see it's deep hidden in this forum. ( http://www.crownaudio.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=3905 ) Still I believe the content of the post is quite valid so I'm going to leave it. Having it hidden in such a stupid place has wasted a couple hours for me today! Very nearly emailed your Support guys rather than reguistering on here, which I would have done if it wasn't the weekend and thus even less likely to get a response, so having the ONLY place it can be found is on the forum really is not very sensible! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have an XTI4000 with old firmware and thus needs updating to be seen by Band Manager or System Architect. Your Tutorial video show following the link on the Band Manager page for XTi Firmware. This link is dead! In fact many links from both the HiQnet and from within your own site are dead!! Somebody really needs to do some maintenance on your site... But anyway, it became clear that the main problem is you must have switched from php the hml so changing the extension takes you to the Software page. But this is exactly the same page which send me to the HiQnet page in the first place! (Support->Downloads->Software/Firmware) Round and round and round in circles we go! This really isn't helping us get anywhere!! No download links for Firmware anywhere to be seen! Try clicking on the Download Now button, in case it incorrectly states that only IQwic stuff is to be found there, but no joy! No firmware for the XTi amplifiers anywhere to be seen! So how about kindly putting a link on your site for the XTi firmware somewhere it can be found by the average person? You know, like under the obvious Support->Downloads->Software/Firmware location the links attempt (but fail due to broken links) to take you to. Fixing these broken links I'm sure would also be appreciated by many more people than myself! But more than anything I personally could just do with this firmware!