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  1. Thanks for the help, i think i will by a used cts 2000 next month.
  2. Hey dakos Thanks for the reply I have read that dampning factor is not that important anymore compared too years ago. A dampning factor over 500 should be just fine, the cts 600/1200/2000/3000 have a df of 3000, powertech is 1000. The Crown Studio Reference 2 has a df of 20000, the worlds highest....but have read the cts 2000/3000 has an even better control over the woofer, and the guys reason who wrote that is the bca. I have looked at your link, it don't understand it too good....my hifi/pa knowledge is not that good:)
  3. Hi i'm thinking about buying a crown cts amp. I have read that the bca (class I) in the cts 2000 makes the bass even more tight, the amp has even more control over the woofer than the cts 600/1200 has which "only" has AB+B. I read this on a danish hifi site, two guys writes this...but i can't seem to find anything else on the internet about it, and in the cts product details, it says that bca is about amp reliability. Is this true?....or is it simply because the cts 2000 has more watts, it is a bigger amp...and that is why it has that very good bass control? I will use the amp to power my Cerwin Vega 1215 speakers in my home setup, there is 2 woofers per speaker, a 12" ant a 15"...don't need to play crazy loud, just a little loud:) with that good bass control. I hope you can help me, i can save a good deal of money if the cts 1200 is just as good:)....there is also and powertech 2.1 for sale, how does that compare with cls 1200/2000 in tight bass, bass control? dux