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  1. XTI 1002 questions

    ok, so after pulling out my D.M.M. it seems the voltage reading on the amplifiers either on the LCD screen or whats reported in Band Manager 2 is something that cant not be trusted and is only used for reference. the outlet tested at 121.7V the furman voltage regulator/power conditioner tested out at 121.6V but one amp on the LCD display shows 117V and the other shows 115V ( even when plugged directly into the wall ) . i brought everything into the house and used a solid 20A circuit that is useing 12 guage wire ( oddly enough the wire going to the garage is only 14 guage so i KNOW thats a problem lol ). the hiss is still there even when plugged directly into the outlet but it does not change with the knobs on the front of the amplifiers.In the garage the hiss increases with the amplifier gain knobs. when ran hard the voltage does still drop but no lights dim. ( i doubt i will ever haf to run them that hard anyway ) now i know my problem will only get worse when my sub gets here and i start useing the XTI2002.. :-/... now my main question is ( and if possible point me in the right direction links if possible ) when a mobil DJ has his own system.. like mine 2 XTI 1002 and 1 XTI 2002.. what do they do for power? get a different extension cord for ever amp and run them all over the place? according to my math current=power / volts it would be current=3600/120V so that would be 30A just for the 3 amps? my thought was ORIGIONALLY the voltage regulator would handle everything... so how should i give my system power? is their a better way to do it than use one oulet? HELP! lol and if im to noob and annoying point me to a forum that could help me but wont destory me lol.. thanks :-)
  2. XTI 1002 questions

    just work up and this is the first thing i checked :-P. What form should i have posted it? should i move it? i dont feel like getting banned lol. i do understand gain structure tho, i was useing this way to do the gain structure but my input gain only has a small red led that blinks when the signal is clipping, ( i just redid the gain structure per the link above and i now get that if the knobs on the amp are down and the signal going in is hotter it produces the same output as having the knobs on the amp all the way up and the signal going in lower ) the mixer never clips actually now that i have it set up the mixer never even hits zero when the mixer is maxed out. the mixer is a Alto ZMX862 and i only use one channel ( their is a dj/soundcard/mixer otw in the mail as we speak i think its a Novation Twitch? ) i checked the circuit breaker going to the garage and sure enough its a 15 amp circuit breaker so that would explain the power issues, im going to move it into the house on a 20A circuit and see what the difference is with power going into the amp and see if that solves the hiss problem ( even at idle plugged into the furman voltage regulator Amp a gets 119-120 and amp b gets 116-118 colts ) ill post an update with my findings later.. thanks dakos! :-)
  3. XTI 1002 questions

    i just relized this is probably in the wrong part of the forum.... oh and to add even with the VR the lights in my test room ( garage ) still dim during intence music..??
  4. XTI 1002 questions

    as the saying goes " the more you learn, the less you know " I am currently using the following components for DJ use: 2 B-52 PA315 2 Crown XTI 1002 ( one amp for right one amp for left bridged at 8 ohms. in bridged mode, with Y input seleced, amp A ch 1 gets left signal amp B ch 1 gets right signal ) 1 DriveRack PA+ 1 furman AR-1215 AC LINE VOLTAGE REGULATOR that everything is plugged into ( which i now think is useless )( including a labtop and a cheap alto 5 ch mixer ) ( which i now think is useless ) I just started messing around with the Band Manager 2 and i noticed that my inputs were next to clipping but my outputs were nowhere near clipping ( more like 1/4 of the way up the meter max ). so after beating the internet to death with google and finding the corrolation with the gain knobs on the front of the amp now the output is a bar or two under the input and no clipping. even tho the knobs on the amp are 3 and 4 clicks away from being at 100%... is this a correct and or safe way to do this? also by doing that, i started to notice a hiss... so i started by unpluging the inputs and the hiss was still present.. i have only had these amps for 3 days and the clip lights have only " bliped " while setting gain structure the first time ( which produced the insane inputs with the low outputs ) and the second time i did a redo on the gain structure to use more amp power. my reading im afriad to get the answer about the hiss.. i would like a dead silent system with nothing playing but if its not hurting anything when music is being played then i will not worry about it. i also have a B-52 PA18s otw that will be powered by an XTI 2002 bridged at 8ohms.. i was told to go for the 6002 and the 4002 but i didnt have the money or the 20 Amp socket ( how many places have 20A circuits? ) while on the subject of amps and outlets and voltage... that furman AR... is that suposto keep whatever is plugged into it with a constant supply of 120 volts? when i was testing my system today while looking at the voltages in Band Manager they were dropping to around 110 or so.. so whats the voltage regulator even doing? did i waste my money on it? or can somebody suggest something better... thanks :-) Aaron