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  1. Xti4002 with (2) JBL MRX518S

    First thanks for response and please don't take my question as a discredit to ur answer. I'm Stilllearning the whole sound thing. But isn't it always the theory you are supposed to have double the wattage amplifier than the speakers RMS. Which the bins are 500rms and the amp is 1200 per side which is just slightly over. The main reason for the amp was to have comfortable headroom for the PA.
  2. Xti4002 with (2) JBL MRX518S

    Oh yeah. I have an alesis compressor in the kick drum. I've been trying to use the other side of that compressor on the mains but it always seems to cause me some trouble. It's user errors I'm sure.
  3. Xti4002 with (2) JBL MRX518S

    Thx for response just wanted to be respectful to the board. My current setup is mackie cxf16 Driverack PA QSC 1450 bridge MRX515 QSC 2450 summed MRX518S left/right 4ohms subs Crown xls402 JRX112M monitors At the present all the gain levels are matched. So of the boards not clipping nothing else is. Im the guitar player and run sound while playing (which is difficult) The 402 started cuttin out so I bought the 4002 to replace the 2450 and so on taking the xls402 out of live play. Which makes perfect sense (to me) because the subs are starving for power plus the poweramps weight like 45lbs a peice and there about 6 years old of heavy use. They have given me no problems but I think I'm on borrowed time with those amps. And we play about 50-60 shows a year now. Was 80-95 but we are getting older lol. So I'm upgrading to lighter more powerfull amps. The speakers were the first upgrade cause I used to have EV Eliminators tops/subs. They were heavy. I'm not really sure where to set the limiter on the amp.
  4. Xti4002 with (2) JBL MRX518S

    Top 40's rock band. I have the MRX515 for tops which I plan to replace the current ampl with a XTi2002 running that in 4 ohm bridged, a mackie CFX16 mixing board, a crown 402 (I believe) for the two Jbl jrx112 monitors. The 402 took a dump and I'm deciding to upgrade my current gear with lighter more powerfull amps. I started with the bass bin amp rotating my existing gear to the rest of the speakers. The current amp are competitor products and so I don't post them here.
  5. I just picked up an xti4002 to power my two JBL MRX518S. I'm gonna run it mono summed input With a stereo setup output, 4 ohms left, 4 ohms right output which should provide 1200w per speaker. The other piece to the puzzle is I have a driverack PA that manages the signal. Questions are.... Is the amp to much for the bins? Should I use the limiter provided in the xti? Any other advise would be appreciated. Thx Joe