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  1. XLS1000 Fault

    Hi Joust, i meant 3/99 not 3x.. My mistake, and thank you for your reply. The amp is not showing error messages anymore, but it is mute and the left channel is rapidly flashing the termal and -20db led's while the signal led is off and the clip is on. I think the repair is going to get quite expensive...
  2. XLS1000 Fault

    Hi all, how do you know what the codes mean? My xls1500 displays a series of fault errors from 32x... to 32x99.. What can it be?
  3. Got them already, but still a service manual would come handy
  4. HI, i need the XLS Drivecore 1500 Schematics, i need to check around 20 burnt resistors... Thank you