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  1. Hi, I have the same problem as http://www.crownaudi...ic=3959&hl=clip (XTi4000's clip LED's turns on, without the -10 LED's ever turning on). I have one SRX728 currently powered by one XTi4000 in bridged mono (CH1+CH2, 110Hz LP). First thing: Frankly I don't understand what the issue is because according to the specs, the XTi4000 is supposed to have 3200W@4 Ohm and the SRX728 needs to have 1600W (and is 4 Ohm). Shouldn't that be enough headroom!? Second thing: I'm sure this was asked before, but the forum doesn't let me search for "srx" or "728". The above linked thread mentions a MA9000i being ideal for a pair of 728's, but what would be a good choice for a single 728? Would the XTi6000 be okay?