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  1. I am trying to figure out without any luck the actual power AC Line draw for these amps when feed by 220V. I need to put them on a UPS and need to size it correctly. What I have been able to find is idle power draw of 38W for the CDi. Any help please?
  2. I have a CDi 1000 amp that the sounds coming out of the sub channel fluctates a lot, sometimes loud sometimes low. Makes me keep on running to the amp to lower the volume. Source is from consumer rated RCA's connected to a Clean ART Pro box. Sub is on channel 1 and 70V speakers on channel 2. Any idea of what could be causing this. I'm on my way now to buy RCA to XLR cables to bypass the CLEAN Art Pro box to see if thats the problem.
  3. Crown CDi1000 Issue

    You are the champ. Thanks a lot. This worked like a charm. Amp fans are now silent.
  4. Crown CDi1000 Issue

    I have just taken ownership of a Crown CDi1000 and I'm totally new to Crown Amps. It was manufactured in 2006. The fans on it run constantly and are loud, I have seen the same amp albeit a newer one with totally silent fans. I am wondering if I need a firmware update to control/reduce the speed of the fans. If so how can I go about getting the firmware. Thanks