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  1. I-tech 6000

    Hi I have a itech 6000 that at output level 100v 1kHz but at 20Khz 128V? I tried adjusting the 6th order pot for thatchannel but could not get it flat. When will be given manuals and checkout procedures for the itechs? Any ideas Stephen South Africa
  2. MA 5002VZ fault

    The amp seems to work well at 8 ohms but at 4 or 2 ohms the IOC flashes at output voltage 45V at 4 or 2 ohm.The IOC only flashes and as you increase the output past the 45v piont , after that it only flashes agian at max output. The channel also seems a bit down on power at 2 ohm. Checks made so far: No output dry joints Amp works fine in lock high mode. Checked VZ switch circuit seems OK but distortion in square wave output on Mosfets in swtch 555 timer OK all cables OK. Tried another cap switch assembly no change Tried another output assemble no change Tried another Main assemble no change Bit of a strange one please help Stephen South Africa
  3. Ver 1.3 error

    Thanks David all is now well Stephen
  4. Hi I am busy upgrading a Itech 6000 to Ver 1.3 and get an error message in iqwic (7.2) 1 possible OIF mismatch:unknown object id 2060 in statedata after id 2045 2166 2164 3060 3045 3166 3164 The amp is working OK Thanks Stephen