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    Ok, I've got two xti4000 that I run in various configurations depending on the venue. When we do bigger shows I am running them almost full on, for subs, both bridged, daisy-chained, with both amps driving a pair of peavey sp118 subs via 12g 30' wire @4 ohms total each amp. I use external xover @100hz. One 4000 works great and produces massive thump and low end and never even gets close to clipping. The other 4000 never makes it to clip either, but after a few minutes it will go into a fault mode and I have to turn the amp gain way down and let it reset just to keep it from faulting. The fault mode is all lights on, not just the thermal light. Obvious problem is by turning the amp gain down to half or less, I can fart louder than the subs driven by that amp at that point, meanwhile the other 4000 is knocking crap off the walls on the other side of the stage. The fan is working and both amps are set up the same way, no dsp, no limiting, just straight simple basic bridge mode. Yes, I switched the loads and had the same problem with the same amp at different venues. This has happened twice at the two different venues where I only run the 4000's bridged and both amps were on their own separate 20 amp circuit. Again, neither amp is anywhere close to clipping and both are barely hitting the -10db light if at all. When I run the amps in parallel mode driving a 4 or 8 ohm load I have no issues with either, but then again, those are usually smaller venues where I'm not pushing them very hard. Obviously there seems to be an issue with one of my 4000's. Any ideas? Brian