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  1. xls2500 clipping

    I have a request in Harbinger for specs and I have been doing some homework on gain structure. I am looking to set up the system and try some settings. Thank you for the info and the links. I'll do some work and post my results in a few weeks. Thanks again. I appreciate the help
  2. xls2500 clipping

    PA+ with current download that includes xls series amps. I think I do but I have two problems: 1.I play bass with the group (9 piece with a lot of vocals 50's doo*beep*) 2. the sound guy I currently have has a good ear but limited skills) I set up the best I can initially but with canned music I cannot recreate the live dynamics. Would a compressor on the kick mic be beneficial?
  3. xls2500 clipping

    Thanks for the response. Here is some additional info. I run thru a dbx drive rack, specs I have for the subs rms 400w, peak sine 800w, peak program 1600w. 32-250hz, 8ohm, sens 1w,1m :98db max spl 128db. My thought when using the 2500's was I would have more than enough to drive the cabs. however I still have the same problem when I run a single cab each side. Should I look at different amps?
  4. please pardon my inexperience. I have (2) xls2500 bridged, each driving 2 harbinger hx118s subs . I also use (2) xls1500 bridged each driving 2 yamaha s115's My problem is the kick drum clips the 2500's regardless of what I do. I use a d112 for the kick, run thru a mackie vlz1604. This past weekend, played to 500+ people, large venue. Could not run sub amps above past 3rd click without clipping/distortion. What the heck am I missing?
  5. I am looking for advice on lpf & hpf settings on xls series. My set up is xls2500, bridged (2) each connected to 1 or 2 HX118s subs (depending on room size) xls1500, bridged (2) each connected to 1 or 2 yamaha S115IV (same as above) I run thru a drive rack PA+ and have current firmware loaded My question is what freq I should use in bridged mode for the LPF and HPF to best protect the speakers?