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  1. XLS1500 with two JBL PRX 415M cabs

    Thanks for the reply. I plan to use the system as a PA for band practice, so it will not need to be in stereo. I realized after my original post that when two speakers are connected in parallel to the same channel, that the watts are halved, thus each speaker will only receive approximately 263 W, well below the program rating of 600 W. Perhaps it would be better to run the cabs in parallel in bridge-mono mode, in which case I think each speaker would receive 775 W, if I calculated this correctly (per the XLS 1500 spec sheet, it delivers 1550W at 4 ohms when in bridge-mono mode, so 1550W/2 speakers = 775W per speaker).
  2. I own an XLS 1500 that I would like to use to power two JBL PRX 415M cabinets, which are 8 ohms and are rated 300W continuous, 600 W progam and 1200 W peak. Can I adequately power both cabs using one channel of the XLS 1500, which I believe will effectively deliver 525 W into each cab given a 4 ohm load? If so, how do I connect the cabinets to the power amp and to each other to achieve this result? If not, what is a better recommendation for a power amp to use with these speakers?