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  1. IT-4000 Not enough headroom?

    Ok so I turned up the input trim and it helped I also switched it to bridge mono mode and that helped a lot as well. I have 2 wedges linked together and it's getting pretty loud. I did no see any active limiters or compressors.
  2. IT-4000 Not enough headroom?

    Thanks for the help.. My Mixer is a Digidesign D Show - no processor straight to amp then out to wedges. I have downloaded the amp manual and i am on my way to the venu to tweak it out a bit more. Do you know what the max value is for setting the input gain on these amps? Maybe there isnt enough input gain which is making it seem like it is sounding crushed without being loud? -Thanks again
  3. Hey Guys, I am done with day 1 of a Conference in a local venue which has IT-4000's for running wedges on stage. Wedges are EAW SM200iH (1 x 12-inch LF) PASSIVE: 500W (4 ohms) - 127dB SPL (long term). BI-AMPED: (LF) 500W (4 ohms) - 127dB SPL; (HF) 200W (4 ohms) - 130dB SPL Here is the setup - I am running a single mono aux to channel 1 on the IT-4000 out to 2 wedges in bridge mono mode. Amp is set to input sensitivity @ +21dbu and has a output of 37.1db. My problem is I seem to not be able to have enough headroom. Im sending more than enough signal from the console to the amp, which means the wedges should be rocking instead it sounds like the signal is hitting a limiter or compressor which is squashing signal without it actually being loud. I also notices that the metering on the front panel doesn't even pass -20. Any Ideas? I have no previous experience with these amps.. I have tried scrolling through the menus and I dont notice anything showing a limiter or compressor is active. I also dont understand why the output is only displaying 37.1dbu when the front knobs are turned all the way clockwise. Based on this info what can I do? is there any way i can get more db of output from these amps. Thank you in advance for the help. I hope this makes sense. -Ish