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  1. crown xti 2000

    Hi again so I'm not sure if I should continue this thread since its still pertaining to the crown xti 2000. I'm currently awaiting 2 nady psw152 subwoofer boxes to arrive with 2 15" subwoofers in each box for a total for 4 15" subwoofers my question is this does anyone have any suggestions as to the proper configuration for the amps internal crossover Here's a link to the specs on the nady psw152 Thanks for the help guys
  2. crown xti 2000

    any idea what this means in band manager error log and how to fix it? "Missing DeviceInfo file: C:\Program Files\Harman Pro\Band Manager 2.0\devices\Crown.CDi Series.deviceinfo"
  3. crown xti 2000

    dps is off and i'm using a cable with 1/4" plugs on the end R U sure? Cause XTI don't have 1/4" plugs, only speakons or banana plugs... It has banana plugs on amp end and 1/4 on speaker end sorry for the delay Dps is off I have signal on both channels but can only run the amp bridged or only one channel at a time and I've also noticed recently that the amp shuts down signal to the speakers after turnin the amp off and back only works again I'm starting to think the ribbon cable may be bad but I've check the serial and it isn't listed as having the problem I noticed tonight that the speakers stopped working and after powering it off and back on the speakers were working with the nobs turned down I tapped the front and they stopped then worked after I turned the nobs up and as far as I know I have the current firmware thanks for all suggestions
  4. crown xti 2000

    dps is off and i'm using a cable with 1/4" plugs on the end
  5. crown xti 2000

    Welcome to our forum, Do you have regular (speaker + wire to +1 on the speakon connector and speaker - wire to -1 on the speakon) speaker cables or modified? Did you try running with DSP off? Sorry for asking but do you have signal on both channels? These are your speakers, correct? From what I found out is they aren't meant to run as bi amped, only full range, you can rewire them for this kind of operation but you would need another amp, I'm not sure it's worth the effort. Also the crossover frequency is 1.6khz. Let me know which way you want to go... sorry for he delayed response the speakers i have are identical to those how ever the back of mine looks like this hope i did that right my main goal is to set the amp properly to not blow the speakers as i can only run the amp bridged for some reason thats waay more power then the speakers can handle again any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. crown xti 2000

    ok so i'm not sure if this is the correct spot to post this.. i have a crown xti 2000 amp and have a couple questions... 1 it appears to only let me run one channel at a time not in bridged mode what could be causing this? 2 i have 2 yamaha speaker model s4115H II or #2 they allow for bi wiring or i can send signal to only the low end or top end my question is how would i properly set up the crown xti 2000 to run them on the low end the nominal impedance is 8 ohms max 480 watts program 240 watts noise 120 the HPF fc is 1.5khz 12 db/oct it doesn't state what the low end is... any help would be appreciated