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  1. AMAZING DIFFERENCE!!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I have a lot of learning to do but hopefully I won't FRY anything in the process of it. Even though the Xti2000's are a bit small for the cab's it's all I have to work with at the moment until I can save up enough for a few Macro's! thanks again for all your help. These things will now thump so hard that the whole house shakes! the amps aren't even working hard to get there either. The driverack is a miraculous device! sure wished we had those things 20 years ago! not to mention the correct wiring on the subs
  2. clouds are lifting my brother! thank you so much for taking the time out of your saturday evening to help me out!!! I have some work to do and its well that I get to it!! thank you a thousand times my friend!! i'll be sure to post once i have reconfigured my system
  3. What settings did you use for crossover? How did you operate your speakers when you connected them to your friends rig (full range, with subs)? What processing does he have? I appreciate your help here!! I am a total idiot with this stuff... my x-over is set at 100 and 40 & below is dropped out altogether on the driverack... running full range on tops BUT only one Xti2000 per top. Cerwin Vega recommends an amp that can deliver 1500 to 2000w. crown says the Xti in bridged to mono will deliver 2000w... from a purely academic view, Shouldn't the power be sufficient? (not sure of the processing that my buddy used other than I know he was using the same mixer, power amps, and driverack PA+ ...other outboard gear was simply gates and limiters and fx units. It was pretty much the exact same rig except his speakers that he normally carries are JBL's. system wizard setup for the driverack was set for the JBL's which were the 718s (I think) single 18s anyway at the same watts and ohms as my afterburners and tops very similiar to my CV's. so we didn't re-set it for my speakers and left it alone, mainly because they don't have afterburners in the DriveRack's yet) that and the cables from the power amps must have been wired correctly and mine are not, resulting in what exactly I'm not sure??? I wonder if its a LACK of power because I'm not getting a true "bridge" signal?? could this be the culprit? I am running separate cables to each cab and not daisy chaining at all ...so does that mean that the subs are receiving only half the power of the amp (stereo signal from ch-1) running 8 ohms because I am (A) using the normal wire configuration or ( not using banannas and going from both red posts? SO, even though I have the preset on bridge or bridge mono, i'm NOT getting the full strength I'm guessing???? as far as running the subs in stereo now here's the deal on that, (and I know you may wanna b***h slap me for being stupid but here goes)....I'm coming out of the mixer from L and R outs, going to driveRack L and R in's. the outputs from the DriveRack are L and R Low out to the subs and L and R out to tops (running in full range). How else would I configure that. Doesn't seem that it would hurt anything like that and honestly, I can't see how any other way would improve the performance?? I suppose I could simply come out of the DriveRack L out to the first sub power amp, link that power amp to another and run two cables (already using two) to each sub but that that doesn't seem to matter as I would only be pulling the R-output cable out of the DriveRack and bringing the same signal to the other sub amp from the first sub amp and giving it a "mono" signal. I'm not sure that the subs ran in my current config is not more of a L and R than they are true stereo? From what you've said so far, I should probably re-wire the power amp end of the two sub cables for sure to run bridge or bridge mono, should I also re-wire the tops' power amp ends? as for other amps.... that take MONEY of which OPEC gets most of mine! would love to have a few crown macro's but they don't seem to be giving those bad boys away and we haven't found any grants by Harman that gives to charaties yet :-)
  4. hello all, new to Crown forums and new to sound reinforcement so please try not to laugh too hard as I have searched the forums now to find anything more specific to my needs. first, my system: MAINS (2) Cerwin Vega CVP 2153 tops (full range) 4 ohm nominal (2) Cerwin Vega AB36C Afterburner Subs 8 ohm nominal (4) Crown Xti2000 power amps. (one for each cab) Driverack PA+ Allen & Heath MixWiz3 16:2:1 MONITORS (2) Crown Xti2000 power amps (one ch for 2 cabs ea jumped from mon to mon) (4) Cerwin Vega Cvi 122 monitors (2) Yamaha club series V (15 & horn) (one channel per cabinet) my questions: (it goes without saying that I want to use this system to the optimal efficiencies) 1. how should I set up my presets on the Xti2000 for the tops 2. how should I set up my presets on the Xti2000 for the subs 3. do I need to "RE-wire" my neutrik cables? 4. Xti2000s on the tops...should they be "linked" and then jump from one cab to the other for a 4 ohm load? 5. Should I "link" the 2 Xti2000s on the subs and then jump from one cab to the other? 5. if YES to 4 and 5, HOW is this accomplished? I have only heard the term "link"...not sure what it means. 6. Do I need to RE-WIRE my neutrik cables in any form or fashion as i'm certain the music store gave them to me off the shelf I have been running all of the MAINS power amps in bridge mono but the thing is, with the way that I have it set up it sounds "ok"...a friend has the exact same mixer, driverack and poweramps in his set up and we used MY speakers on his setup and it sounded INCREDIBLE! NOT "ok" like mine but WOW!!! it HAS to be something in the way my poweramps are set up right? I realize the driverack is just as important but I set it up with the wizard but had to use a "custom" setting for the speakers. tops in stereo and subs stereo as well because i'm using both L and R outs on the driverack on tops and subs and, of course, coming out of the mixer from L and R outs to L and R inputs on the driverack. WOW, sorry for all the questions but i'm new to the "Sound" game. that's why good engineers are worth their weight in GOLD!! CVP 2153 tops Dual Cerwin-Vega 15" woofers and 44mm diaphragm tweeter • Frequency Response: 37 Hz - 20 kHz / 134 dB SPL • Power Capacity: 1000W RMS / 2000W Program / 4000W Peak • Recommended Power: 1500 w - 2000 w • Sensitivity (1w/1m): 101 dB • Nominal Impedance: 4 ohms AB36C AfterBurner Subs Frequency Response: -3db 40 Hz - 310 Hz / -10db 33 Hz - 350 Hz • Power Capacity: 800W RMS / 1600W Program / 3200W Peak • Recommended Power: 1200 w - 1600 w @ 8 ohms • Input Connectors:¼” Phono, Speakon • Sensitivity (1w/1m): 108 dB • Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms • Maximum SPL: 140 dB