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  1. Settings for 3x I-Tech 8000 +1x Xti4000

    Yes i know, and it runs @ the settings above in the moment, (andno more time to try something else, but it sounds good :-D Thanks a lot
  2. Settings for 3x I-Tech 8000 +1x Xti4000

    signal = summing (i think so) - i will try the settings in a few hours
  3. Settings for 3x I-Tech 8000 +1x Xti4000

    No other processorts, just onboard dsp's, yes its nearly everything @ 2 ohm bridged are 2 woofers on each channel of one itech8000 and bridged are the mids of 2x722 on each channel - itech 8000 and the high's of 2x722 on each channel - xti4000 settings for biamp: itech 8000: HP BW 18db 62,5Hz LP LR 48db 1,22khz EQ1 648Hz -4db Q 2,45 Xti 4000: -6,5db HS Filter 5,5db 6,28khz HP LR 48db 1,155khz LP BW 6db 20khz I think thats the last settings we had
  4. Hello, We have 3x itech 8000 and 1 Xti 4000 - with 8x JBL SRX728S + 4x JBL SRX722F. Now i'm not happy with the configuration - because it sounds not realy good. I tried some different settings (official settings from JBL and many many different settings we tried) We play 4 Woofers with 1xItech 8000 2x1channel - other itech same @ 31.5 BW18 HPF 80hz LR24 LPF Bell PEQ @ 75hz Q=3.41 1.5dB that sounds very nice. But not the 722 biamped... itech8000 (mid) + xti4000 (high) 2x722 1 channel - settings from JBL I think the problem in this configuration are the ohms because everything is bridged Any suggestions?