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  1. I'm putting together a PA system for a band, have a Mackie board and a Crown XTi 2000 amp. Just need to choose the speakers now. Was wondering about the difference if I choose 4 ohm speakers versus 8 ohm speakers. The XTi 2000 shows 4 ohms @ 800 watts/ch and 8 ohms @ 457 watts/ch. Does that actually equate to 4 ohm speakers being that much louder than the 8 ohm speakers for my amp, almost 70% louder (800 รท 475)? The speakers I am leaning toward purchasing are 8 ohms, but if they're that much quieter than 4 ohms then I might try to find a good set of 4 ohms. The system is just for rehearsal but they'll have a lot of stuff plugged into them (lead vocal, 2 background vocals, guitar via POD, bass, stereo keyboards, stereo electronic drums) so I need all the power I can get from the amp.