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  1. Hello, what I have is a XLS1000 for home audio use, hooked up through the headphone jack to a cleanbox to power 4 subs with tweeters. With volume up, my tweeters are real high and distorted. Any fix? Some sort of crossover? Thanks, John
  2. Hel lo, Did what everyone suggested, hooked up a Clean Box Pro but now I dont get any sound. What I have is XLS 1000 amp running from the single Phone Jack (Receiver) to duel RCA to back of Amp. Then Duel RCA reveiver Aux to single plug to cell phone, ipod, etc..... Work with that set up. When I put the Clean Box between Receiver and cell, ipod etc, NO Sound. What am I doing wrong? Please Help. Thanks.
  3. XLS 1000 Clipping

    Currently, I have a reciever hooked up to the amp, using cell phone, ipod etc through the phone jack. That could be it, not having a convertor when using. Just using the built in crossover form the amp, using one channel for subs and other for highs. Thanks.
  4. XLS 1000 Clipping

    Hello, I have a Crown XLS 1000 hooked up for home use to Rockford Fosgate 15 inch subs (P1S4-15). Problem is the amp keeps wanting to clip, when I turn down the amp, I don't get the "punch" from the bass. Any thoughts on how to correct? Thanks
  5. How to hook XLS to EQ to Reciever?

    Thanks for all the help, had to hook through the headphone jack, but now with the EQ hooked up, I have to turn the volume up twice as much as before without the EQ. Is this correct?
  6. How to hook XLS to EQ to Reciever?

    Set up for home use, below is what I have: Sherwood RX-4105 Reciever Kewood KE-2060 Equlizer XLS1000 Amp Hope this helps. John
  7. Hello, I have a Crown XLS amp need to hook the amp with the Graphic Equalizer and with reciever, I have tried several ways to hook up but didnt work. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks John