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  1. Help on New Setup

    Thanks for the advice. now I have a few more questions because now i'm really lost. as I mentioned before I have two srx 715s and the srx 728 with two xti 4002 and one ITech 6000. you mentioned not to use the drive rack pro pa+ for this setup. with this in mind how do I setup the system to run the 715 in bridge mode one with each 4002 and how do I setup the ITech 6000 to run the 728? what settings do I need to make in the amps to have them run this setup clean and efficient. thanks
  2. Help on New Setup

    Team I need help setting up a system I purchased from my brother. what I have so far is the following 2 SRX 715 1 SRX 728 two XTi 4002's and one ITech 6000 one drive rack and various decks and mics. how should I run this setup? should I run the 4002's bridged to the SRX 715 and the Itech 6000 to the 728? or should I run the 6000 in stereo mode to the srx 715 and the 4002 to the 728 in bridge or one one 4002 to each sub in the 728 cabinet
  3. System Setup

    Welcome to the forums... Do you have a bigger amp for the subs? The 3602 is bridged into 4 ohm load and that's not recommended and doesn't sound that good. Other then that I assume you use the DR wizard to configure your system, it's usually doing a great gob at that. Which DR is it? Other then that you're pretty much at the max of what the amps can deliver. thanks right now these are the only ones i have. i will be upgrading the qsc to a ma 5000 or 9000 for the sub. will the xti 4002 not power the 715 properly?
  4. System Setup

    Just got a new setup and trying to figure out the best way to get the most out of it. i have the fillowing: 2 JBL SRX 715's 1 JBL SRX 728 2 XTI2 4002 currently bridged 8 ohm's one to each 715 1 PLx 3602 bridged mono to the 728 1 drive rack and various other Mobile DJ equipment.. how should this be setup to protect the equipment and get the best and loudest sound. thanks ken smith