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  1. Remote Power Control?

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick responses, I was leaning towards just leaving them on so I'm glad it won't harm them. I'm up in Vancouver, BC and the building is air conditioned so heat shouldn't be an issue. The electrical savings probably wouldn't justify the expense of setting a relay system up properly either so they're definitely going to stay on! Thanks, Kevin
  2. Hi there, I'm putting together a multi-zone system with four CDi 1000s controlled by a Russound multi-zone system. The controller has 12VDC 100mA triggers on it for turning off amps when the zone is not in use. I noticed that the CDi amps do not have a trigger in for turning on and off and couldn't find very many mentions of people toggling these on and off remotely. Are these amps designed to just get left on 24/7? Is it worthwhile investing in some relays if I can fit it in the budget? Would it be damaging to switch them on and off a couple times a day or should I just leave them on always? Thanks, Kevin