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  1. Hi dakos , thanks for the reply Someone on another board suggested "-3db is way too much unless you have series drivers ... you must use a voltmeter to determine max gain." = I am confused. Is he suggesting I should drop it to -6db I'm running custom BFM tops and subs ... crossover is set at 30hz and 110hz ... The output eq'ing was tweaked and bumped a couple of db at 4 different points just to make an attempt at flattening out the frequency response chart (to the closest average response) of the respective subs and tops. I can provide frequency response charts if you'd like. I suggested a practice run and his bandmate lives an hour away so he's basically saying there is no time for a practice run. Ok good ... I was hoping that I had got that part right. At bare minimum make sure the mixer's master output is in the green and not clipping. thanks again
  2. Hello again, I'm a total beginner with all this so please bare with me. Currently I have the limiters in my xti4000 set to -3db , crossovers are set and i've done a touch of output eq'ing to flatten out my speakers response charts. I have the subs on channel 1 and the tops/mids on channel 2. A friend of mine who is in an electronic band (5 synths + kaoss pad) wants me to run PA for him for one of his gigs. They run all their gear into a mixer that they control which will then output to the xti4000. I currently do not have a mixer nor do I have a rack mountable EQ that I can tweak on the fly. He has warned me once or twice that I should have some type of live eq available because he is affraid that the signal may tear my speakers apart. I'm assuming that with my current DSP settings in the xti that I should be fine as long as the master on his mixer isn't clipping , right ?? I'm also assuming that he knows nothing about crossovers and limiters which is why he might be so concerned ... Any and all advice is GREATLY appreciated. thank you
  3. Ok I think I get it ... So basically I need to volt_meter test my amps outputs to make sure that each individual drivers rating can handle the load ?? Also ... when I set the limiter to say "-3db" on the crownxti4000 should I also be looking to limit the voltage to say 52volts (how?) as well ?? I'm having a hard time deciphering the instructions of the last page ...
  4. Thanks dakos, So just to clarify ... (I learn like a 7 year old) I should run both cables from the Traktor S4 outputs into the crown , channel 1 and 2 inputs - then set input mode to CH1+CH2 with the channel 1 output going to my subs and the channel 2 output going to my tops?? I normally run the limiter at -3db just to be safe and I haven't done any EQ'ing as of yet ... You then mention that it'll sound better because it will give me 6db worth of gain and "sound stronger but its actually the same" ?? Will this cause the built-in limiter to start limiting sooner ??
  5. Forgive me for my beginners ignorance but i'm not quite following you ... I have no idea how to do that. Could I just Set input to SUM A + B , instead of Y ?? What if I ran two cables into the amp ?? Would I then have to set it as stereo ?? Would I still be able to use the Subs on channel 1 and the Tops on channel 2 without wrecking the sound? Would this give me independent control of the subs on one channel and the tops on the other channel ?? However my PA would then express any panning present within the song , correct ??
  6. Hello all, I'm currently running a Traktor Kontrol S4 directly into a Crown_xti4000 using 1 cable into the crown's channel 1 input. I have 2 subs (daisy chained) connected via speakon to channel 1's output and and 2 tops (daisy chained) on channel 2's output. Originally I just used the "Y" setting which would control the gain of all 4 speakers simultaneously via the channel 1 gain knob while also rendering the channel 2 gain knob useless. The problem is that the Tops start screaming before the subs do therefore I need to have independent control of channel 1 (subs) and channel 2 (tops). How do I accomplish this while still running everything in Mono ??? Thank you very much for your help ~ meta