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  1. should i run it bi-amp? what does 2+2-1-1 mean?? need help with wiring it up from the amps to speakers..
  2. 1- xti 4002 2- xti 6002 2- jbl srx712m 4- jbl vrx932la 4- jbl vrx918s 1- dbx260 1- soundcraft gb4 mixer
  3. thanks for the reply. yes i would need help on the actual wiring? yes we have a driverack 260. we tried wiring it up just using the preset on the amps and we had nothing coming out of the subs instead lows comes out on the mains.
  4. my church recently upgraded our PA system but have no clue on setting it up. set up= 4 - vrx932la 4 - vrx918s and 2 - xti 6002. my question is how to configure set up? i tried wiring it up but didnt have any success even using band manager.. HELP!!