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  1. Update: Since this morning the relays don't do anything at all. The fan is on, the signal light is on. Nothing more. Any ideas?
  2. Hello, I own two older amcron/crown MI600LX amplifiers for a small PA system. I bought them second hand from someone who buys and sells high end audio gear. Since a one month one doesn't work anymore. When I start it up everything seems fine. The green signal lights turns on and after a little time the relais clicks and the red ODEP lights turn on (without input signal). This is normal. Then after approximately 1 minute the relais clicks again (without input signal), the ODEP lights turn off and the green signal lights turn on. I took it apart, checked the fuses, checked if there were no black or burned resistors and transistors, checked the relais and cleaned the whole thing thoroughly . When I turned it on there was the same sequence. After one minute of normal operation the relais clicked, the ODEP lights turned of and the signal light turned on, again without an input signal or speaker attached to it. I hope you can help me. I really like the sound of these amplifiers, especially in the high frequencies. thanks Stef