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  1. D150A II problems

    Hey folks, I'm new to this forum and I'm having a little problem with a D150A II. Both 15003's are blown plus several resistors and a power transistor. I have all the schematics plus the service manual. My main problem is cross referencing the transistors. Mainly its Q107 , p# C 4061-5, its a D40V2 tranny. I've already replaced several caps, diodes, and the zener diodes. I know I can order parts through Crown but I'd rather get parts on my own. All help is greatly appreciated,Greg
  2. D150A II problems

    Thanks joust! I think I'll have to bite the bullet and order 'em from crown. But at least I'll know they're the right part. Right?? Thanks again for your input,Greg
  3. D150A II problems

    Thanks joust for the info. What I'd really like to know is there a substitute or equivalent from a different manufacturer?
  4. D150A II problems

    Come on folks. No one has a possible cross reference tranny list? I've search the net with limited luck. I'm guessing no knows about these dinosaurs but it was worth a shot . Maybe another electronics forum would be better.