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  1. D-150A II Hum in speakers

    It could be cap related. Make sur ethe main supply caps the screws that mount them are tight. Over the years the fiber washers can dry causing the filter caps to become loose. Also put the amp back into stereo mode to see if this is on one channel or still both. Since you are in bridge mono both channels are linked together. The most common thing over the years would be C4 and C5 on the main board getting leaky. These supply the 10V to the input IC's and can cause noise problems when they go bad. So make sure filter caps are tight and replace C4 and C5. Thanks, Kip Whitehead Crown Technical Suport Kip - Have a "twin" to the above I use for home hi fi. Tightening the PS caps fixed the problem initially, but it came back over time. Also makes a "crack" on power-up and is getting worse as is the hum. Both channels but worse on the right but is not related to gain setting. Then did the C4 and C5 R&R with no improvement. Main PS caps failing? Ideas? Thanks.