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  1. Crown XTI 2000 Motherboard

    Joust, thanks for your response. At the request of the field service tech, im uploading some more photos of the xti 2000. Thanks, -Mike
  2. Does anyone have the crown xti motherboard schematics? Thanks, -Mike
  3. Hello, I own 3 crown xti 2000's i've recently bought used and im starting to regret it. I've had to replace the LCD Display motherboard in all three of the ampifiers(which was not covered under thier factory recall) and while i was doing that, i noticed a unique problem on the motherboard with a component called RT3. It appears the piece is heating up and breaking down. First Two Photos are from an ampifier i dont notice the problem on, second set of photos is from the ampifier im concerned about. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.