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  1. xls drivecore vs xti2

    The XLS 2000 or 2500 is fine to run 4 ohms Bridged. The 1000 and 1500 are not well suited for subs or bridged 4 ohm but are excelent for Mid/Highs The XTI 2 Series 2002-6002 will also perform well at 4 ohms Bridged for Subs. Speaker Nominal Impedance is important as well as understanding the Impedance at different frequencies as not all subs are created equal. Some will have flat impedance, while others will double and then tripple at some low frequencies.
  2. XLS Drivecore Channel input

    You have good advice on means of hooking this up. Food for thought if this system is used to entertain others, than the system should be mono across the board. If people congregate to one side of the room they will miss half of the stereo feed. Mono rigs are most popular as they tend to allow all people to hear the same content. It is only realistic to run stereo for fixed position listeners and then they all must be between the speakers to hear the stereo seperation. In end Mono is best for PA work. Other great news is the XLS is a great amp. Most forget to look into the real facts of this amp. +90% Effiecent 200 watts of ac cord at full power, -126dbu signal to noise ratio, 11lbs so it wont break your back. While yes I-Tech HD's are wonderful amps, but for the small band or the DJ they outperform many amps available in the marketplace as they dont break the bank. The best part is they are incredibly reliable as failure rates are less than 1/4%!! This amp you should keep around.
  3. VCC problem on a Microtech1200

    Please Call Crown and ask for Kip or Kevin for assistance. They are repair type of guys and are in our FSE Department.
  4. XTi / Band Manager strangeness

    We are in the process of validating the proposed firmware fix for this issue prior to release. Sorry for the delay, however it was not as completely simple as it appears. Hang in there and keep bugging us but hopefully in 1-3 more months we will release new firmware. Thank you for your help and understanding
  5. amp mounted vertically?

    We would not recommend Verticle orintation for the reasons Dakos states. The heat sink in the XLS is mostly convection cooled and the heat disipation is consistant across the entire heat sink. Inverted the heat will buildup at the top and may cause other components to thermal due to the concept they were not intended to get heat. There is one product which is engineered for verticle orientation which is the JBL CSA2120 2x120 watt amplifier. It has similar specs to the XLS Series as it is built on same technology, however it is designed for any orintation.
  6. CTS 4200 - upgrade 110v -> 220v

    We would recommend you consider other option of returning this amplifier to whom you purchased and procure a amplifier from within the country you intend to use it in. Warranty is only valid in US and if this amp needed repair the local distributor would not assist you. Switching the Voltage on this amp is not a simple task as many of the systems are indeed referenced to the incomming power. Best solution is buy the correct amp from your country.
  7. XLS1500 circuit breaker amperage

    Hello Pete, The amperage of this circuit breaker is 12 amps. Hope this helps, if not please give us a call at 1-800-342-6939 Select Option 4 for further information Thank you for using our products, Rod Rupp Field Support Manager Harman Professional Crown Amplifier Division