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  1. XTi 1002 Firmware upgrade failure?

    joust If you right click on the BandManager2.0.exe, you'll see that the file was created Friday, February 17, 2012 at 7:37:23PM kferrel posted this on March 12th 2012. One could only assume that he downloaded the software after February which would mean he is using BandManager 2.0. Unless however the software was made available late, which wouldn't surprise me. But kferrel has not specified what software version he is using, I think that kind of matters. kferrel? Secondly, I think something as important as this should "always" be made more obvious than expecting people to read though though pages of Faq. But it should be there also. The information below "was" on the software download page but I'm assuming it was added only after they released Band Manager2.0. They should have added this information on the site even before BandManager2.0 IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ORIGINAL CROWN XTi SERIES OWNERS: Any Crown XTi Series amplifier manufactured before September 19, 2006 or having a serial number lower then 800129400 will require a firmware update. For amplifiers built after this date, the firmware has already been loaded at the factory. The amplifier will communicate with Band Manager without any need for any update. The manufacture date and serial number can be found on the rear of the unit.
  2. XTi-2000 amps shutdown

    Hello joust I have an explanation here. Keven at Crown contacted HiQnet after I spoke with him and confirmed that there is an issue. Also What do you mean don't use Band manager? I've been told by two techs at Crown that it's made for the XTi2 series amps. It's just a liter version than the Architect. Bandmanager is not for earlier XTi amps however. Anyway, here is what Keven at Crown said: Also, I don't know if this is normal, when I turn the fan on manually, even on low speed it has a funny sound. It might be the kind of fan it is. It's not a smooth air sound like my computer fans. Again, that might just be the type of bearings it uses. I don't know what to think about the new crown. The amp sounds great but now that Harman came in and bought all the best players, they're making stuff in China. I might not have even bought this if I had known about that. That's not the say that the quality is not there. But from everything else I've seen in the USA coming from China, Quality is not the first thing that comes to mind. It's really sad.
  3. XTi 1002 Firmware upgrade failure?

    If you contact Crown about this kferrel, please get back here and let us know the outcome, I'm having similar issues myself. It could be from the firmware update. But I don't know because I'm missing files in the root directory of the Manager software. It makes no sense.
  4. XTi-2000 amps shutdown

    Sorry to hear about your issue showprosvc. You posted this in Jan and it's now March 4th, did anything get resolved? I love all the responses around here.. Not one on this subject in 3 months? Give me a break. From some of the complaints I'm seeing across the boards about XTi v1000 ,2000, 3000 and so on, I'm starting to think people were right when they said Crown.. or is it Harman now who's responsible for this junk. Now I own an XTi2 and it's looking like they used the same amp with a few things added. The software is malfunctioning. (Hello) Do people at Crown even care about what they're making anymore or who's writing their software? Everything is disposable these days, it's no wonder we have a recycling problem in the world. My Peavey amp is 35 years old and still runs strong. I wish I could say that about, Amps, Network routers, ..and the Ice cream today just isn't as good.
  5. Hi, I have the XTi2 1002 amp, the amp sounds great. However The software is intermittent and the log shows all kind of missing files in C:\Program Files\Harman Pro\Band Manager 2.0 Today I got an error in windows saying that "a device on USB port6 is exceeded the power limits (which happens to be the port the amp is on) and said that I should unplug the device". I've never gotten this error in windows before. Is this unit going to burn out my USB port? The USB port is not on a hub but directly connected to a powered USB 2.0 port on the motherboard. screenshot of log window below I've been a computer builder for over 15 years and can tell you my system seems to be running 99% rock solid, all my USB devices work great and this is a clean install of XP pro SPk3 ..not even a month old. Another annoying issue is, when I start the BandManager2.00.0.0-R1 from the desktop icon it takes 20 seconds or longer to find the Amp, but other times it can't find it. So I have to reboot the XTi2 Amp and then it works. Today my Master EQ section was black, no graph so I rebooted windows and it came back. I've reinstalled the software twice now. What is going on with all these missing files in the log? Why are there files missing from a clean install? I've also disabled my AV software during the install to prevent any conflicts. -- Computer -- OS: XP Pro Spk3 Motherboard: GIGABYTE Socket 775 - GA-EP45-UD3P (rev. 1.6) Memory: 4 GB Corsair XMS Sound: M-audio Delta66 Video: nVidia-GTX-260 PSU: Antec-750 TruePower Hard Drives: 4 SATA 7200 Mouse/Keyboard: PS2