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  1. Crown DSi 1000 & Crown DSi 2000

    Dear Alain, Can you let me know the component label of the above caps, as I have a schemaic with me.... also have all jigs with me since i am doing other services also, i checked out but no +30v control is generated have changed teh caps.... please advice.... regards karkera
  2. Crown DSi 1000 & Crown DSi 2000

    Yes tried that too... the heartbeat doesnt work.... RT3 gets heated up... can you please tell me whats other problems? Regards
  3. Have a Crown Dsi 2000, which is having power problems, the main power does not light up, only the display is dim without any boot up displays, checked the board, found that the diode was shorted, and a P-channel MOS shorted (BSP315)..could some one help with the schematic of DSi2000 as well as DS1 1000 (same problems).....