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  1. Hey guys, new to the forum. I'm repairing a M600 amp and I'm looking for a the low voltage transformer. I have some part numbers off the old service manuals, but no cross reference to what a new equivalent part number would be. M600: 46P228B (Crown p/n is 3819) As labeled on the transformer itself: D4355-0 and 4808239 The low voltage transformer for a Crown amp model 7560 (similar to m600): H42401-2 I've spoken with AE Techron and Crown, but they don't have anymore info than I do. I already have multiple M600, 7560, and 7570 full service manuals. I suppose the next thing I may do is ohm out the individual coils, but I'd rather have a p/n if possible... If anyone has info that would be much appreciated. Thanks.