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  1. hello just out of curiosity and this is for future reference but i have the xls1500 i'm running a peavey sub 400watt its safe to say that i'm going to be able to run two of these in parallel whenever i get around to buying another sub or do i have to worry about something ? the sub is 8ohm and if im not mistaken will drop down to 4ohm? im running the amp in bridged mono with the wires setup asper the specifications of the amp i rewired the speakon wires to match whatever the amp needed
  2. XLS drivecore

    i'm new to pro audio i'v been getting the hang of it though terms and what not but what do you mean having the gain wide open? i would imagine having it all up? i have the xls 1500 but it'll clip though cause i have the clip option deactivated
  3. XLS drivecore

    With the clip option on? Do u know if it still works like if u turn up the bass on the mixer?
  4. XLS drivecore

    just want to update on my problem i bought the rolls promatch and i'm getting full power now before i would have the gain all up and now i only have it half way still thinking about getting a crossover but i don't think i need it maybe in the near future thanks for the input guys
  5. XLS drivecore

    hello i just asked sort of the same question in another thread i have a mixer and the output on it is not high enough for the amp .. if i go from my mixer to a crossover will the crossover provide that extra boost i need to get full power from the amp or do i still need an active box to amp up the signal ?
  6. hello, im having the problem mentioned above with my amp i already checked the specs on the mixer i'm using and apparently i would need an active box the one mentioned here. my question is... if i get a crossover would that provide me the extra boost i need going through the crossover or do i still need the active box in the middle of the crappy mixer and crossover?