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  1. Stereo or Mono ?

    Thanks for guiding me to the right product. I read the manual on line and that's exactly what's needed. Cheers.....
  2. Stereo or Mono ?

    I don't have the amp yet; still working if its worth me buying it. Regarding the speaker - all depends on which rehearsal studio I am in. I'm trying to be able to hook the amp into a 4*12 cab that is already there. Some have one input some have two for stereo - hence trying to work out how to connect the amp given I only have stereo outputs from my keyboards.
  3. Hi, new to the site so apologies if this is a dumb question. I'm a keyboard player. Inspired by the great Jon Lord using Crown DC power amps through Marshall bass cabinets I've started looking at the XLS Drivecore series of amps for my Keyboards. I'm attracted by the fact that rehearsal studios offer a backline, but normally only 4 * 12 Marshall cabs, and I could come along with a light-weight but powerful and neutral sounding power amp. The newer generation speaker cabs are wired for stereo but the old Marshall speaker cabs are mono - one TS jack plug only. I've read the XLS manual but it doesn't seem to cater for supplying a stereo source (keyboard mixer desk front of house) into the Amp and then out to a mono wired speaker cabinet. Anyone have any thoughts on how to wire up from stereo keyboard amp to mono speaker cab via the XLS. I appreciatge that the manual shows running a Mono line from the keyboards to the XLS but I don't have mono out on all my keys. Can the XLS be configured to cope with a stereo source and then drive either stereo or mono cabinet?