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  1. i understand that the original 1ms latency is the same as 0,5metre. i want to use them for monitoring, or as a reserve amp if one of my macrotech i's have a problem. 0,5 metre is a lot i think. i work mainly in small stages with less than 200 visitors
  2. Is it possible to bypass the DSP of the Itech and doing so go without the latency?
  3. i-Tech = 1.13ms i-Tech HD = 1.16 mS at 48 kHz, 529 ?S at 96 kHz XTI - couldn't find that data And the MAi?
  4. I'm currently busy at buying a new amp, MAi is the best for my applications, i already have one MA5000i. However they are hard to find second handed. The Itech's are better to find, so now I'm thinking of buying a Itech4000. But I wondered, is there any difference in latency between those two amps? I want to use the Itech for tops and the MA5000i for subs. So latency is an issue. The Itech has DSP and the MAi not, so there's a difference. Both amps will be used however without any settings. They have both superior power for me, and I will never need so much power. Just need a stable amp!! ;o)
  5. Macrotech 2400 versus XTI4002

    It was enough cheaper to matter the difference ;o) I got it for a very nice price.... I'm still looking for a second MA5000i though.
  6. Macrotech 2400 versus XTI4002

    I had today a talk with a Crown tech, and he told me that the xti amps only will work at exactly 230Volts, when confronted with 225Volts the amplifier would deliver much less power say 20% less. Latency only gets in the way when using the limiters. And I will not use them for optimum sound. I decided to buy a Lab gruppen fp3400 which is a much more stable amplifier with much more sonic quality. I'm very dissapointed that Crown doesn't seem to have a good quality alternative for the Macrotech 2400 or a 3600. I would love to have a little MAi amp for my tops. The fp3400 is in the same price range as the MA5000i. The amp is not as good as the MA5000i but for the tops it will do. The sonic quality is much better than the xti, in a hearing test. The Lab Gruppen sounded much more like a conventional amp than the xti did. But it did also have the quietness and lacked the distortion a conventional amp also seems to have. I hope Crown will upgrade the xti amps soon to I class and develope a simple version without dsp suitable to range up with the MA5000i.
  7. Macrotech 2400 versus XTI4002

    I have the MA5000i which is a digital amp. I have also a MA2400 which is an analog amp. All digital amps seems to have latency. My question is, how much is it? If the MA5000i doesn't have latency and the xti has, I better can go look for another amp. (I made a mistake on an earlier post, latency of the MA5000i is 1,5ms as I have been told. That would be around 50cm, that's were the confusion started. I mixed those numbers)
  8. Macrotech 2400 versus XTI4002

    i have set the gain structure that it will clip at +7dB at this moment, but while mixing it almost never exceeds -7dB. (at the mixing desk)
  9. Macrotech 2400 versus XTI4002

    I'm always thought that you if you can, you should never use a limiter whatsoever. In my case I'm the only one using the set. This far I have never used my amps full power. I use the dcx only for crossover, and now with the combination of the MA2400, i have set the 2400 on 50ms delay to come in line with the ma5000i
  10. Macrotech 2400 versus XTI4002

    I will use the xti4002 on two tops (Stage Accompany GB152) and the four subs are LAN L300, processor is the behringer dcx2496, mixing desk is the allen & heath mixwizzard3 16:2
  11. I've just bought a new XTI4002 to replace my old MA2400. The unit works on 230V/50Hz here in the Netherlands. For subs I have replaced my old MA3600's for a MA5000i this unit has already worked too great pleasure. Normally I only do rental for Metal music. I have some questions regarding the XTI4002. 1. Is it possible to mix the xti4002 with the ma5000i? 2. will the xti4002 deliver at least the same amount of output or hopefully some more than the ma2400? 3. I noticed that there are no figures about "amplifier latency" about Crown amps. How does the ma5000i and the xti4002 compare to each other concerning the amplifier latency? 4. I got slightly worried about this amp test with an xti 4000 Are these amplifier problems already adressed in the xti2 series? Hope you can answer my questions