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  1. (BEGINNER) What Crown power amp(s)?

    Dakos, we do not have a ton of money at the moment, but looking at your post in this thread, you specifically stated: "If you want to mic everything, you need a bigger mixing console with more channels, you will also need a separate amp for the monitors and one for the rest of the system, you will need subs and tops, a signal processor that has a crossover or use an amp that has an internal DSP, cables for everything....." Here is the dillema, the guys want to still use the current mixer as we need more money to get another mixer. Right now, subs and a power amp are the TOP priority. Our current mixer has enough inputs for 3 vocals, 3 instruments and we would do with 2 mics coming from the drums (snare and kick drums). One of the vocal mics is behind the drums and should be able to pick up what isn't mic'ed. The Yamaha EMX512, what we have which is basically 500 watts per channel and we would have it power the 2 15" tops from each channel. We do have that Mackie mixer, but using that instead of the yamaha, we would need a second power amp. We can use all the channels on the yamaha and just mic the kick and the snare instead. I guess you could say, for now, our budget is around 1500 max. Since the tops would have power from the Yamaha, would the Crown 2500 drive core be enough for: 2 of these subs and 3 of these monitors? IF so, how would we configure the DSP within the Crown drive-core to crossover the signal, since the tops would be powered by the yamaha and the monitors and subs would be powered by the Crown 2500? If this cannot work, what can I do with a $1500 budget for adding 2 subs to our current equipment and powering everything to a satisfactory level?
  2. (BEGINNER) What Crown power amp(s)?

    I'm sorry, but the mixer is a Mackie CFX12. There are 12 channels, so with 3 vocals, 3 instruments and 4 drum mic's that's just enough for what we need. This particular board has a sub input XLR so that everything under 75hz is filtered. Also, there is a high pass selector switch for each channel 1-8 so that vocals, and maybe snare hi-hat combo mic can be filtered at 100hz. It also can do submixing so that we can adjust the 4 drum mic's and then only use one fader to adjust the entire volume on the drums. Not very robust but it will have to do. For lower end instruments, such as bass and kick drums, I will leave the filtering at 75 hz. Been learning a lot and those particular power amps that we are using are MUCH more powerful than the current old yamaha mixer that the band has been using since before I joined. It turns out, I've found out that before we got the subs, the 2 15" mains were being daisy chained into one side of the yamaha emx512 and the other side of the yamaha were 3 daisy chained monitors that were running into an older power amp and into the back in the yamaha powered section. Lets just say that the old power amp no longer works.... OUCH! I do not plan on using that yamaha anymore for live gigs but rather strictly practicing, where we don't use mains and do not mic the drums the bass and only have 3 vocals and one guitar mic'd. Going to rent as we go until we upgrade parts of our PA, maybe starting with power amps, subs and a decent mixer. With that 12 channel Mackie I listed above, we can get 2 independent mixes out of the monitors, but eventually I'd like to get an additional monitor so that everyone in the band has their own monitor and each monitor can be independently mixed. It would have been better setting the selector switch on that yamaha mixer to mains only, using each channel for each one of the mains, and then running the daisy chained monitors into a power amp and then running that into the unpowered monitor out on the front of the mixer. Anyways, been reading up and studying sound mixing, which I find highly fascinating and will continue to learn more. I don't have a frame of reference to compare the EV's to the Peavey but I will say that sub + a decent mix board plus our 2 mains and 3 monitors kicks some serious *beep* compared to what we had before. Since we only have one dual sub to work with, I'm debating how to set this up on stage with the mains to each side turned slightly inward and that one huge dual sub. The place we are playing is your standard rectanglish area, nothing fancy and we are setting up in the middle of the bottom of the rectangle.
  3. (BEGINNER) What Crown power amp(s)?

    Well, we were able to rent some stuff off of a very nice guy for a great price and now have added a dual 18 sub, 2 power amps and we are going to temp trade mixers so that we have a 16 channel mixer. so now it looks like this: Mackie cfx16 mixer 1 EV MTL-1X Dual 18 1 Crown Macro Tech MA-36x12 for sub cab and monitors ( respectively ) 1 Crown Macro Tech 2400 series for tops 2 yamaha br 15 tops 3 yamaha br 12 monitors Being that we have only one sub cab with 2 18's in it, we will place it under one of the tops on one side of the stage. Heard it today, lots of massive low end, esp. being powered by the crown power amp!!!! Also, with that Mackie mixer, we won't have to submix the drums but rather send straight to the mixing board. Gonna run the sound check with mains and monitors independently then bring both up to nominal levels. We are fortunate to get 3 hours of setup and sound check time.
  4. (BEGINNER) What Crown power amp(s)?

    Thanks for the respose, will read and look in to the info you just posted.
  5. (BEGINNER) What Crown power amp(s)?

    Hey there jamminforever and welcome to the forum, If you want to mic everything, you need a bigger mixing console with more channels, you will also need a separate amp for the monitors and one for the rest of the system, you will need subs and tops, a signal processor that has a crossover or use an amp that has an internal DSP, cables for everything... that's a heck of an upgrade. So, in order for this upgrade to be done right, I have a few questions for you, first, what is your budget for this upgrade? For how many people do you usually play? What type of music you play? What knowledge about sound systems do you have? when in the foreseeable future are you going to further upgrade it? If you don't have previous knowledge about crossovers, frequencies, limiters, clipping and such, I'll be happy to also give you some useful links which are a must for everyone operating a sound system... (sorry for long reply, but here it goes) Dak, thanks for your time replying... As for the band, I have the most knowledge of PA stuff, but not nearly as much as you guys. Been playing guitar forever, but forgive me, as to you guys, I'm a bit noobish... First to answer your questions. 1. What do you mean by tops? I assume the mains? The mains do have tweeters, pic of the mains: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/y...speaker-cabinet 2. Not entirely familiar with DSP, but I would assume that it has to do with signal processing? I do understand what a crossover does, which is to send the correct frequency to the corresponding cabs, such as low frequencies to subs, mids to 15's and the highs to the tweeter... I also understand clipping a little, which is having a power amp push more wattage thru than it's rated for causing a distorted sound. I have heard that thru the pa before. 3. Budget hasn't really been set, but for now, my philosophy is to buy the best we can afford that allows us some flexibilities to expand in the future. Yes, I would like to get a new mixer as well. At this point, we cannot afford to get everything at once. I think we would like to start off with the Crown XLS 2500 drive core... 4. For how many people we play for is anywhere around 50 - 400 depending on location. Think small - mid sized bars, clubs, halls. 5. We play classic- modern and progressive rock, with some oldies and a few country tunes depending on crowd or request, but mainly rock. 6. My knowledge of sound systems is limited at this point, but I'm learning!! 7. Upgrading will start within the next month or two. 8. Here is how we are currently mixing everything. Since that yahama mixer that I posted above does not have enough inputs if we include the drums, we send a drum mics to a separate macke mixer, mix the mix from there and then send that to the yahama mixer into track 4. 9. Mixer assignments we do now are currently as follows... Track 1 - lead vocals Track 2 and 3 - back up vocals Track 4 - drum mix from the macke mixer <-- unpowered mixer Track 5 - guitar Track 6 - bass Track 7 - guitar
  6. Our band is in the process of upgrading our PA. Right now, we just have 3 monitors and 2 mains along with a powered mixer. The Brand and models are as follows..... Yahmaha EMX 512sc mixer (2) Yamaha br15 mains (3) Yamaha br12 monitors We did have an older power amp to supplement the power, but that one crapped out. (looked like something from the 70's and VERY heavy) Right now, we have a drummer (5-7mics on drums), 2 guitars, a bass and 3 vocal mics. I know the system is not cutting it when we mic everything, which is what we want to do at every show. As for mic'in everything, the volume is a reason, but the main reason is I want to spread the sound a lot better, and also, I want to add 2 subs to the mix for a nice FULLER low end. The mixer listed above is powered and like I said, it will not power everything, ESP IF WE ADD 2 subs!!! So what would you recommend? I was thinking of letting the mixer power the 2 mains, a power amp for the monitors and a second power amp for the subs? Or can I get by on one power amp for the monitors and the subs?