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  1. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 Setup

    Thanks for the tip and everyone's input on this!
  2. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 Setup

    Hi Avi, Thanks for your reply. The CH1 & CH2 icons are enabled on the amp, as well as the Y input Icon. Ruben
  3. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 Setup

    Guys, I apologize for the delay in updating this post. The good news is that I was able to change a few settings on the amp that powers my subs, the xti4000, to get the bass that I was looking for. I did not touch the xti2000 which powers my speakers. I will list the settings that were in place before and after I made the changes on the xti4000 amp. Before: The JBL Tunings file for my subs was loaded Since I started with 1 sub at first, when I added the second sub to my setup, ch.1 was the only channel being utilized in the amp settings although each sub was connected to its own channel Amp set to Y Input XOV settings from the JBL Tunings file being used Bridged Mode After: JBL Tunings file still being used Set to Stereo mode to utilize ch.1 & ch2. Set to Sum ch.1 + ch.2 (Y-Input) Same XOV settings as before, however, I had to setup both channels as Independent but with the same settings for each. Before I setup the channels as independent, low frequencies were coming out of one sub while normal sound came out the other. Setting it to independent corrected this. Limiter set to -3db Subs no longer bridged. I noticed a much better performance on the subs. With that said, is there anything different that you would do as far as settings go? Or do you see any problems with how I have my subs configured on the xti4000? Thank you! Ruben
  4. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 Setup

    I haven't powered up the equipment yet. I have to get it from our storage facility. I plan to do this sometime this weekend and will update this post with the amp settings. Thanks for checking!
  5. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 Setup

    Hi guys, Here is the link to the mixer that I'm using: I'm using speakon cables for my subs and speakers. I do believe that the limiter is ON, I haven't pushed either amp into clipping. I will plug in both amps as soon as I get a chance and will get you all of the information on the settings being used. Thank you!
  6. XTi 2000 & XTi 4000 Setup

    Hi Avi, Thank you for the reply! My laptop connects to a sound card which then connects to my mixer through RCA. The mixer is then connected to the amps through a RCA to XLR cables. Speakers are connected to their own channels on the Xti 2000 through speakon cables, in Stereo mode. The subs are connected to their own channels on the Xti 4000 throuh speakon cables as well. I configured the XTi 4000 using the JBL JRX preset. At this time I can't recal the exact settings on the Xti 4000 amp, whether it's Stereo or Y-Input. The amp does get signal and work properly, so I'm thinking that something on my amp settings isn't quite right. If you need more information in regards to settings, I will have to put my equipment together and get back to you. I did notice that the bass sounds much better when the subs are higher off the ground, such as on a stage. Given the equipment, I just wanted to know the best way to configure it properly. Thank you!
  7. Hello, Here is a link to an image of my current setup: The speakers are JBL EON 1500. They are connected to my Xti 2000 amp. The subs are JBLs JRX 218s 18in. subs. They are connected to my Xti 4000 amp. The problem I have is that I don't hear as much bass as I should. I have the sub tunnings file loaded in the Xti 4000 but I feel like I may be using the incorrect configuration on the amp, at least for the subs. Based on the image above and my equipment, what configuration would you suggest I use to get the most kick out of my speakers/subs? Thank you!
  8. So my problem got solved with the female RCA to Male XLR adapters. No more Y-connections, system sounds alot better! The balance knob on my mixer actually works properly! Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Since I already have good rca cables, I just ended up getting 2 female RCA to male XLR adapters, one for each RCA cable. When they come in I'll reply to this post with the outcome.
  10. I have an Xti 2000 amp feeding 2 JBL EON 1500 Speakers. The problem I have and have been trying to figure out is to properly configure channel 1 and channel 2 so that when I play older songs such as ACDC's All Night Long, there isn't an akward part at the beginning of the song where you can barely hear the guitar in the background. It appears as if one of the channels is not coming in. My setup is this. I have a laptop, connected to a Numark DJ IO Sound Card. From there, 2 RCAs connect to my beringer mixer. From the mixer, there are 2 RCA's connecting to the XTi 2000. The connection between the mixer and the amp is setup as follows. I had to use an RCA 2 - 1 XLR adapter. Then, it plugs into another XLR connection which then splits the connection into channel 1 and channel 2 of the amp. My amp is setup with Input mode of Stereo, Output mode is Dual. When I mess around with the balance on my mixer, I can clearly tell that one of the channels is not working. Could this be because of how the connection between the mixer and amp is setup, with the RCA to XLR Y input cable, which then plugs into another XLR Y output cable that connects to the amp? Hopefully this makes some sense. Thanks!