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  1. Dear Sir, i am dealing in sound system components in town called Amravati in central India, i had purchased 4 crown XLS 5000 amplifier from dealer in Chennai, i sold those amplifier to two different customers, around one year has passed, meanwhile both customers started using amplifiers on outdoor locations for rental services,after few rental programmes, one day a complaint came from my first customer that the amplifier failed and showing transformer primary short circuit symptoms , within a month another customer also complained about tripping of circuit breaker,after testing amp. in my workshop i found primary of toridal power transformer short circuited , in addition to this damage ,the output speakers were blown, now both amplifiers are laying in my workshop ,please guide me what should i do for repairs of these amplifiers, and why transformer short circuited? and why output speakers blown ? when i spoke to my friends all over India everybody told me that this failure in power transformer is happening everywhere with this XLS 5000 model,if this is true,is this a defect of design ? please reply and guide ! regards, Pamu patwardhan