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    We have a small installation we are doing for a bar consisting of a consumer CD player feeding to a Crown 14M mixer, then onto a CDi1000 amplifier. Channel 1 is feeding a JBL Control SB-2 subwoofer, both voice coils in parallel, and Channel 2 is feeding a pair of JBL Control 25T's (70v.) I have input 1 "Y-d" internally to feed both channels, and a 100hz crossover engaged. Channel 1 is Lo-z and 2 is High-Z. Amp is running in stereo mode. The problem is, I can be clipping the output of the 14M mixer to the amp, and have the level of the amplifier completely wide open, with very low sound output. The signal lights light up constantly on the front display, but I've seen nothing above the -20dB indicator ever light up. We have tried 2 separate CDi1000 amplifiers, both brand new, with the same outcome. With these relatively small speakers, this setup should be screaming. Any ideas? I'm guessing there is some setting that I'm overlooking...