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  1. XTI 1000 Sound Cuts Out

    Hard to get any answers around here. I was finally able to get my amp repaired. Turned out to be a bad ribbon connector.
  2. On my XTI 1000 the sound will cut out on Channel 2. It is driving 1 top crossed over at 90hz. Sometimes the sound will come back in on own its on but rarely. Turning the volume all the way up on my mixer always brings the sound back in. This will happen every 5 - 10 minutes or so. I have another XTI 1000 and a XTI 2000 and hooked everything up identically to those to see if there might be another issue within the signal chain. The other 2 XTI's worked flawlessly. Is there possibly a short of some sort within the XTI 1000 in question? Thanks.